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Amanda Kelton is a strong leader and experienced business professional who cares deeply for her community and is prepared to serve the good people of Maury County, Tennessee as their next mayor.

As one of the 100 fastest growing counties in America, Maury County currently faces significant challenges requiring new and innovative solutions.

Amanda is willing and able to hit the ground running as Maury County Mayor. She is eager to build consensus, make a difference, and lead our community to a bright future.

Contribute today, and help make Amanda Kelton our next Mayor.





Election day is tomorrow!!!

Amanda - August 01, 2018

I am so excited! It's been six long hard months, but it will all be over tomorrow. I am probably going to thank everyone a million times, but thank you all. Especially my family and all my volunteers and advisors. Now everyone make sure you vote! Drag your friends by the ear to the polls if you have to. Things won't get better if we don't start getting involved. And remember, vote responsibly!

Podcast: EP27 - Politics and Small Business w/ Amanda Kelton

Organizing Chaos - July 27, 2018

Today's interview is with Amanda Kelton who is running for Maury County Mayor this election cycle. In this interview, Amanda shares how she leads a small team, how to challenge the status quo, and what servant-leadership is all about.

Public Statement: Vote Responsibly

Amanda Kelton - July 24, 2018

A statement about recent events and voter responsibility.

Meet the Candidates Forum

Staff - June 20, 2018

Amanda will be participating in a public forum hosted by the Maury County Chamber and Economic Alliance on June 21st (5:30pm - 7pm). It is a free event and is open to the public.

Event details can be found on the Chamber's website

News: Candidates beat deadline to file for election

Columbia Daily Herald - Apr 5, 2018

Kelton: “Ultimately, I am running because I want to help improve my community. ... I am a professional leader. It is what I love to do, and I’m good at it. I am also focused on community. I volunteer and advocate for local causes. More specifically, I am the type of leader we need as county mayor where I hope to not only help improve process but inspire others to serve their community as well.”

Podcast: Amanda Kelton and the Race for Maury County Mayor (Podcast)

Fermenting Opinions - Mar 14, 2018

On this episode of Fermenting Opinions, we talk to Amanda Kelton, a resident of Columbia, Tennessee who has decided to throw her hat in the ring for the position of Maury County Mayor in a local August 2nd election. Mrs. Kelton is running on a non-partisan platform, on the basis that a local mayor should represent the people of her county, not the interests of state or national parties. In her bid, Mrs. Kelton focuses on the surging expansion of Maury County and the struggle to keep pace with an ever-increasing demand for better education and a job-ready community to meet those expansion needs.

News: Amanda Kelton campaigns to be mayor 'for the people'

Columbia Daily Herald - Feb 13, 2018

When it comes to going after something, Amanda Kelton says she likes to “go big,” which is why she's decided to run for Maury County mayor in the upcoming August election. Kelton, a 31-year-old Columbia resident, said she is running based on her desire to serve Maury County citizens, rather than ...

Event: Cocktails & Conversation with Amanda Kelton

Staff - June 18, 2018

Come meet Amanda at the Square West Arts Loft for cocktails and conversation on June 26th (6pm - 8pm). Tickets are $20 per person and include finger foods and drinks. There will also be a special guest DJ!

Please RSVP through Facebook. Space is limited.

Event: Kick-off Fundraiser at Asgard Brewing Co. April 21st

Amanda Kelton - April 11, 2018

I will be hosting a kick-off event at Asgard in Columbia. Everyone's invited. Come out and show your support, or just get to know me better. It's sure to be fun! And I look forward to seeing you there. - Amanda

Event information via SpringHillFresh.com

Daily Herald seeks to minimize Amanda Kelton’s experience in an attempt to influence outcome of Maury County Mayor’s race

Staff - July 28, 2018

The Columbia Daily Herald, under the direction of Mr. James Bennett, has shown an obvious political bias in their reporting and has unethically withheld facts and tailored its narrative in an attempt to affect the outcome of the election. ... read more

Mailer-gate Continues (sorry for the -gate)

Staff - July 26, 2018

Four days of early voting have passed since the Daily Herald printed lies about Amanda Kelton on their front page, and thousands more votes have been cast. The editor of the paper, James Bennett did privately apologize to Amanda today for falsely reporting that she was a member of the Democratic Party, but little else. He refuses to issue a public apology or retraction despite making substantial changes to the article in the online edition. We have reiterated our demands to Mr. Bennett, and his actions continue to unjustly damage this campaign.

Daily Herald teams up with Democratic Party Chairman to spread misinformation - Helping to re-elect Republican Incumbent

Amanda Kelton - July 24, 2018

This last weekend, the Chairman of the Democratic Party, Seth Campbell launched a sudden attack on my campaign. In short, he made wild claims that my campaign had received assistance from the republican party in the form of a direct mailer sent out by a third party. He refused to provide any significant evidence in support these claims, and his reckless behavior has angered many in his party . Link to statement about mailer

Having been frustrated in his attempt to damage my campaign on Facebook, Seth Campbell spoke with the Editor of the Daily Herald, James Bennett, who subsequently ran what is essentially the Democratic Chairman's political attack line in a front page article.

Daily Herald Edits Article Online

Amanda Kelton - July 23, 2018

The Daily Herald has apparently edited their article online but does not note the changes. We have therefore posted a copy of the original text for people who do not have access to a copy of the print version.

Link to original article text

Link to current article text

Daily Herald Runs Attack Article

Amanda Kelton - July 23, 2018

After the assault on my campaign this weekend by the Maury County Democratic Party Chairman, Seth Campbell spoke to the Editor of the Daily Herald, James Bennett, who then came by early voting this morning for a quick interview. His demeanor was friendly, and he pretended that he was writing a casual and informational piece about the mailer. I was relieved, as I got the impression that Mr. Bennett, whom I had a lot of respect for, was seeking to set the record straight and put the issue to bed. James Bennett, however, turned around and published an article that is pretty much Seth Campbell’s ridiculous statement with the weight and reputation of the Daily Herald behind it.

The article provides no additional real evidence to support his wild claims and is obviously intended only to influence the result of the election. It also contains several very serious factual errors which I have demanded Mr. Bennett retract and apologize for. Here are the most important:

(1) The article states that I am “a Democrat who is running as an independent.” This is categorically false. Before this election I had absolutely no connection to the Democratic Party. I have never once voted in a Democratic Party primary. I have stated numerous times during campaign speeches and in published material that I am neither a republican nor democrat. On this website it clearly states “I have never had any political aspirations. I am not a member of a political party.”

(2) I have NEVER said that I will take whatever support I can get. In fact, I made it very clear in a written statement I provided Mr. Bennett as a courtesy (which is actually quoted in the piece!): “I can, and do, condemn anonymous outside spending — including these mailers.”

(3) It states that I thought it might be support from veterans without clearly explaining the very legitimate reason why I believed so. That is, that the Director of the organization which sent out the mailers has also been connected with a PAC which specifically supports veteran candidates. Instead, the article conveniently does an awkwardly disjointed statement: “Kelton and her husband, Chris, continued digging and found a nonprofit that was involved with “Coalition for American Veterans PAC” and other Tennessee political organizations,” which makes it seem like we found some unrelated PAC and were stupidly satisfied that we were right. (Also, it was a campaign volunteer and not myself or my husband which found this connection.)

There is so much more wrong with this article, and I will be posting more about it, but I hope that everyone spreads the word about its inaccuracy and obvious political malice. I have worked incredibly hard over the past six months to ensure that I was playing by all the rules and running a clean and positive campaign. For some reason they think it’s okay to torpedo my campaign right before the election with misleading statements and dishonest journalism. But, if they are attacking me, it means that they are scared. Those in positions of authority remain there either by our consent or through our silence. I will always fight injustice, I will never quit, and together we will take down the Good Ole’ Boys Club. Remember to vote and vote responsibly

Link to Daily Herald Article


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